Welcome to the e-Health Citizen (eHC) website. This is a personal blog that I created to write, share, and reflect on a topic that I am very passionate about: healthcare quality and patient safety. We now live in an era of unprecedented social, political, and economic changes that are pushing our healthcare system to deliver better and safer care. The silver bullet that we so desperately seek to help us fix and perfect the system continues to be elusive. Yet, we know that such “silver bullet” does not exist. So it is our duty to march on; continue to explore, learn, and apply knowledge to achieve a not-perfect but near-perfect healthcare system. In that respect, we are all learners.

The posts that I make on the Quality and Safety Blog focus on quality and patient safety in healthcare and contents are drawn primarily from the scientific literature. Nevertheless, it is my wish to write something that is palatable to everyone irrespective of the academic background or qualification. I will make the best effort to provide scientific evidence for claims made in my posts. I also intend to make this website a platform for discussion on these important issues. Therefore, I very much welcome your comments and feedback. However, in the interest of keeping this environment healthy, I will review comments before they can be posted. Only relevant comments will be allowed. By relevant I mean those that are directly or indirectly related to the issue being discussed. No vulgar or rude content please.

Periodically, I will compile and upload resources that anyone with interests in healthcare quality and patient safety might find useful. Although most of the contents may be geared towards academic researchers and healthcare practitioners and/or leaders, I think anyone would still find them interesting. These can be found under the “Resource Center“.

Finally, I will gladly welcome anyone who would like to contribute here as a guest author.

So feel free to look around and please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you


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